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“Stage Impact System”

‘Be The Talk That Everyone’s Talking About’…

Without Wasting Any More Time And Money On Fancy Funnels, SEO, Shooting From the Hip, Or Doing What Everyone Else is Doing

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“Speak-Sell-Scale LIVE”

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  Saturday, October 14 @ 10 AM EDT

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40 seconds to go…

You’re standing backstage, behind the curtain. 

You peek out…

You see the emcee center stage.

And the conference room is PACKED

500 people waiting, anticipating your entrance.

You got this. 

Even with some jitters, you’re centered, ready, in your power.

You know your message.
You know the impact it will have.

You know your story will hit where it counts and make them FEEL.

You were meant for this. 

This is who you are, where you’re meant to be, where you BELONG.

The pulsing music rises as the emcee calls your name…

“Please welcome to the stage…”

Composed, confident, and smiling, you stride out from the wings to center stage…

The audience ERUPTS into wild applause…

Because they’ve anticipated this moment, your arrival.

It’s YOU they’ve come to see, to hear, to experience.

All lights and eyes are on you.

You take it in. You drink it in. 

This is YOUR moment. 

The ride is just beginning…

You're ALREADY A Speaker

But you might be thinking…

“But I’m not a speaker.” 

Here’s how I know that you ARE.

If you’ve got a business and you’re:
  • Coaching
  • ​Consulting
  • ​Making videos
  • ​Podcasting
  • ​Hosting webinars
  • ​Doing interviews
  • ​Conducting workshops
  • ​Emailing
  • ​Networking
  • ​Doing talks here and there
  • ​Posting on social media...
Then you ARE a speaker.
Because you’re SPEAKING to your audience…

And delivering YOUR message to people who WANT to hear what you have to say. 

The scenario I described above inIMAGINE applies whether you’re speaking at a…



Breakout Session


In A Video




Or in a room with just 6 people...

The only difference is, you haven’t learned how to PACKAGE all your wisdom, knowledge, and experience into…


A compelling and entertaining talk that you can deliver time after time in front of ANY audience, anywhere, no matter the size.

AND customize and adapt your talk to any length depending on the situation…

60 minutes, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10, 5, minutes…

A talk that instills so much TRUST and FAITH in you that they take action at the end of your presentation and BUY from you. 

And that’s what ‘Speak-Sell-Scale LIVE’ is all about.

What You Can Expect When You Attend The

‘Speak-Sell-Scale LIVE’

Super Workshop!

BEFORE The Workshop

  • “I'm not a speaker”
  • ​Can’t sell on video, stage, podcast, online
  • ​Speech or talk falls flat
  • ​Terrible in front of audiences
  • ​Feel stuck & helpless
  • Don’t know how to create a great talk
  • ​Too much competition
  • ​Oh, crap, I’m losing them
  • ​Terrible storyteller
  • ​Hate pitching & selling
  • ​Nervous and unsure
  • ​Spotty income
  • ​Audience seems bored
  • ​Horrible sales

AFTER The Workshop

  • “Hell YES I’m a speaker!”
  • ​Selling is effortless & FUN on any platform
  • Signature talk entertains, inspires, sells
  • Totally comfortable and ALIVE onstage
  • ​Feel in control & empowered
  • Know EXACTLY what to do and say
  • No competition because you’re a standout
  • ​Audience can’t get enough
  • ​Magnetic and compelling storyteller
  • Sell without selling
  • ​Composed and confident 
  • ​Consistent, predictable income
  • ​Audience hangs on every word
  • ​High converting sales every time


Speak-Sell-Scale Virtual Workshop


Saturday, October 14


Because This Is Your Time To Shine

Why Am I Hosting The

‘Speak-Sell-Scale LIVE’

Super Workshop?

Hi. My name is Eli Wilde and I’ll be your host and guide during this half-day virtual super-workshop. 

Did you know that there are WAAAY more speaking and selling opportunities within your grasp than there are speakers to fill those spots?

The problem is, most speakers fall way short when it comes to capturing an audience’s attention, keeping them glued to their seats, and then leading them to the sale.

And that’s a shame because the businesses and industry leaders that host…
  • Live events
  • ​Seminars
  • ​Conferences
  • Virtual events
  • ​Summits
  • Corporate events
  • ​Breakout sessions
  • ​Podcasts
  • ​Facebook LIVE
  • Video presentations
  • ​Masterminds
  • ​Special events
Are dying to book compelling keynote and guest speakers to grace their stages and media platforms to serve and sell to their hungry audiences.

There’s a crater-sized hole in the marketplace that NEEDS to be filled. 

And that’s where YOU come in.

This Is YOUR Time To Shine


If you’re someone who’s got a business bringing in $15k-20k a month

And you’ve got a relationship with your list or audience…

Then whether you know it or not, you already have a signature talk right under your nose. 

It simply needs to be extracted, shaped, and polished.

And all it takes is just one signature talk to take your notoriety, influence, and income to a whole new stratosphere.

Not only that, you can use that talk over and over again for years…and even decades.

(BTW: I’ve delivered my signature talk…the same one…at over 3,400 seminars).

You’re about to discover…

How To Speak And Sell From

ANY Stage Or Platform!

During this workshop, I’m going to show you the steps to becoming a captivating, compelling, and entertaining speaker that can impact, influence, and sell like crazy.

In just half a day, you’re going to learn how to:
  • Identify your ideal audience
  • ​Craft a high converting signature talk
  • ​Command authority and attention
  • Create a unique, ‘in a class all by yourself’ speech
  • Master your performance
  • ‘WOW’ your audiences
  • ​Stand out from all other speakers
  • ​Feel confident and empowered  
  • Generate insane sales from the stage
  • Build a raving following
  • ​Get hosts begging you to be on their stage or platform
  • ​Grow and Scale your business
So by the end of the workshop, you’ll know what it takes to…


Look, I understand the pain and frustration you’re going through in trying to get on stages or platforms.

Or trying to figure out the right speech or talk or stories that will land with your audience.

Or struggling to pitch and sell your products or services at the end of your talk.

Scary, right? Heck yeah! It’s a nightmare for most people.

But what if I showed you a simple 5-step system that takes all the stress and guesswork out of the mix?

…A system that magnifies your stage presence and gives you the ability to sell way more than you ever dreamed possible?

That’s precisely why I created this Workshop for you.

If what you’re currently doing in your business to get more recognition, stage time, or make more sales isn’t working…

Then it’s time to do something not only different…

But also gets concrete RESULTS (applause, fans, and sales) every time you show up!

If You're On This List...

Then This Super Workshop Is For You!

  • Talks falling flat
  • Can't convert
  • ​Audiences not engaged
  • Pissing away marketing $
  • Competitors crushing it
  • Lacking impact
  • ​Very few invites to speak
  • ​Exhausted & frustrated
  • ​Uncomfortable on video
  • Insecure at persuasion
  • ​Lots to say, don't know how
  • ​Make more income
  • ​Need to scale business
  • Inconsistent sales
  • Lack confidence
  • ​Don't know HOW to sell
  • Business revenue flatlined
  • Too many shiny pennies
  • Lacking influence
  • ​Losing credibility
  • ​Envious of others
  • ​Low video views
  • Onstage presence sucks
  • ​Need PAID speaking gigs
  • ​Need sure-fire strategy
  • ​Need to grow list
  • Hate pitching
  • Need great stories
  • ​Talks lack WOW
  • Don't know what to do
  • Feeling intimidated
  • Lacking authority
  • ​Nobody's paying attention
  • Want to get on big stages
  • ​Trouble organizing talk
  • Nothing's working
  • ​Need to monetize talks
  • ​Get my message out
  • ​Need to build my brand

Here's What You Can Expect When You Attend The

‘Speak-Sell-Scale LIVE’

Super Workshop!


From Unknown To Unstoppable

I’m going to share my journey from being unrecognized as a speaker and presenter to getting booked on more than 3400 stages… and the common roadblocks and challenges that everyone runs into.   

I’m also going to share how I created the 5-step system (out of necessity) that revolutionized my unique approach to creating an irresistible signature talk. 

We’ll also deep dive into some student success stories…

And how they took their product or service-based businesses to new heights of notoriety and income with just a single talk. 

There’s one thing I’m going to ask of you as you go through each session of this workshop:

Keep an open mind. Some of the things I’m going to share will be new and unfamiliar to you. Don’t let that stop you. Because on the other side of ‘I don’t know’ or “I don’t think I can do that” is freedom.

Here’s what you’ll learn during Session 1…
  • Rise Above The Rest: Discover the transformative journey from conventional speaking to unlocking the secrets of becoming an Unstoppable Speaker. Your jaw will drop when you witness the exceptional success rate of this distinctive approach to speaking and selling.
  • Connect & Convert: Get an inside peek into the special speaker’s system we use with our students and clients. I’ll reveal the foundational principles and WHY this works in creating unforgettable talks and ‘table rush’ sales.
  • ​Eye-Opening Case Studies: I’m going to share case studies of entrepreneurs just like you who’ve had amazing success using this system in a wide variety of scenarios. You DO NOT want to miss this session.


The 5-Step ‘Stage Impact System’

Ready to electrify your audience and get them begging to buy from you? 

Buckle up…because I’m going to share my proven speakers framework based on years of working with Tony Robbins, being his #1 sales rep of all time, and my own experience of speaking and selling from over 3400 stages.

Say goodbye to outdated, stale, cliche ‘stage tactics’ once and for all. It’s time to ignite the room with your very presence!

Here’s what you’ll learn in Session 2… 
  • ‘Stage Impact System’ Framework Revealed: I’m not holding anything back. You’re going to get an in-depth look into the SIS and how to apply it to YOUR personality and unique individual talents.
  • From Average to Extraordinary: Each step of this system is critical to your speaking success. Pay close attention to THE ORDER OF THINGS…because therein lies the key to taking your audience on a journey they’ll never forget. As Proximo says to Maximus in the movie ‘Gladiator’... “Win the crowd and you win your freedom.”
  • Clarity and Confidence: Got the jitters? Let’s change that right now. When you get crystal clear on WHO your ideal audience is and what they want, not only will the nerves melt away but you’ll stand tall feeling confident and empowered.


Unpacking Your Mission & Message

This is where the rubber meets the road. I’ll demonstrate exactly what to do in each of the 5 steps to ensure your success with the Framework. We’re gonna dive deep, so have pen and lots of paper handy.

You’ll learn how to navigate roadblocks, challenges, and the common issues that arise so that there’ll be no surprises…and nothing will rattle you…when you use this system.

Here’s what we’re covering in Session 3:
  • Keep Them Glued: Discover how to indoctrinate your audience into your mission and message so they stay glued to your every word. You’ll have them nodding ‘yes’ throughout your entire presentation.
  • Multiply Your Authority: Stand in your power. Speak your truth with passion and compassion. And command the stage and attention like a fearless lion.
  • ​Communicate With Clarity: Learn the difference between transactional vs. transformational communication. Have your listeners leave the room at the end of your talk with a message that ‘lands and sticks.’ 


Delivering Your Signature Talk

It’s time to part the curtain and deliver your presentation by bringing out the best of YOU. Because it’s YOU they’ve come to see, hear, and EXPERIENCE.
  • Inspire, Impact, Influence:  Capture attention and keep it. Your presence must be dynamic, magnetic, and radiate confidence. And your message needs to captivate and permeate. I’ll share exactly how it’s done so that you’re never boring, teachy, or preachy. 
  • Master Your Body:  50% of connection is body language. Whatever you do, don’t make these 5 body language mistakes that can lose an audience and kill your credibility.  
  • ​You’ve Got This:  Take them on the ride of a lifetime. Discover how to ‘use the stage,’ shape and tell stories, and use nuance to add your unique personality and flavor to your presentation for a true ‘signature’ talk.


Multiply Your Influence & Sales

Your entire talk leads your audience to the sale, in every way you can imagine.

This includes selling yourself, your message, and your product or service. And once your audience has ‘bought in’ to you, they’ll do whatever you ask them to. 
  • More Bookings, More Stages:  All it takes is one signature talk to keep you busy for years to come. Discover how to leverage other peoples’ and companies’ audience and list without spending a dime on marketing.
  • Scale To Success:  Want to know how to create DEMAND for speaking engagements AND get paid? Then you don’t want to miss this session. I’ll show you how to go from one to one selling to One to Many.
  • ​Sell Like Crazy: As a professional speaker with a kick-butt signature talk, no one can come close to selling as good as you. I’ll share with you the secrets of selling from the stage so you have folks jumping out of their seats and running to the back of the room to buy. 


Hot Seat Q&As

This is your chance to get your questions answered… where nothing’s held back. Go deep, go wide. You’re in control.
  • Ask Away: Got a question? Fire away. I’m going to dispel any concerns and hesitation you might have about speaking, serving your audience at the highest level, and selling. 
  • Insights and Inspiration:  Get more golden nuggets, diamond strategies, and platinum tips. 
  • Hot Seats:  Believe it or not, you’ll learn just as much if not more hearing about your fellow entrepreneurs’ stumbling blocks and challenges. The more you open up and share, the more you’ll get out of this session. Have your questions at the ready!

Meet Your Hosts


I can’t express how thrilled and excited I am to be your guide during this super workshop!

For years I’ve been the top salesperson for Tony Robbins and his companies. I was also Tony’s top performing corporate trainer, having worked with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and helping them to transform their lives and businesses.

Since my passion is teaching and coaching, I’ve coached over 100,000 people, have been the keynote speaker at over 3,400+ seminars…

And founded my own business called Wilde Influence, where the focus is sales, impact, communication, and, of course, influence.

Tony Robbins said, “Eli is a man that represents the SPIRIT and SOUL of INFLUENCE.’ 

Having a signature talk is the foundation of a financially healthy and exciting business. 

Tony Robbins has been doing his ‘Unleash The Power’ signature talk for over 40 years. One presentation, hundreds of millions in revenue.

The same holds true for celebrities and sports figures who speak at events, successful marketers, coaches, consultants, authors, team leaders, experts, and the people you admire.

One signature talk that inspires, impacts, and sells is all you need. 

And that’s what I”m going to show you how to do when you join the “Speak-Sell-Scale LIVE” Virtual Super Workshop.



Austin Ford isn't just known as the “The Challenge Funnel King,” he's here to elevate your experience at Speak Sell Scale Live! 

His Challenge and Virtual Event funnels have generated over $20 Million in sales for his clients in multiple niches.

Austin is the creator of the Virtual Event System, the industry’s leading framework for building and launching highly successful online events. 

Something you should know…he failed at seven different businesses before finding success. Which is one of the reasons his clients love working with him…

He’ll stop at nothing to get the results he wants.

In addition to running his agency, Austin lives in Florida with his brilliant wife and lovable Great Dane.

Here's What Others Have To Say

I was a solopreneur making $2k per month with a 25% close rate and because of Eli’s training and the confidence he instilled in me, I’m now closing at 80%, 10X my client base, 5x my revenue and I’m projecting $20k/month consistently.

- Felicia Hatcher
I was a solopreneur making $2k per month with a 25% close rate and because of Eli’s training and the confidence he instilled in me, I’m now closing at 80%, 10X my client base, 5x my revenue and I’m projecting $20k/month consistently.

- Felicia Hatcher
3 months ago I set up a new company and went from $50k.month to 3 six-figure months in a row. OMG this feeling is unbelievable! Eli Wilde literally changed my life. Massive thanks from the bottom of my heart. This is the best sales coaching on planet earth because it’s much more than that - it’s a holistic philosophy.

- Stefanie Bruns
The switch in my tonality changed the game 180 degrees. Eli taught me how to build way more trust. I’m getting way deeper and creating way more buy-in. I’m channeling all my energy now into calmness and conscious question-asking. My calls are fire and I’ve been closing at 75%!

- Tom Eberts

Get Your Event Tickets Here!

Choose Your Success Path




Starts October 14th @ 10 AM EDT

Access Includes:

  • Half Day Live Virtual Event Training
  • ​Live Hot Seat Q&A – get your questions answered
  • ​'Stage Impact System' Blueprint & Framework



Starts October 14th @ 10 AM EDT

Access Includes:

  • Half Day Live Virtual Event Training
  • ​Live Hot Seat Q&A – get your questions answered
  • ​'Stage Impact System' Blueprint & Framework
  • Access to event replays for 7 days

Choose your Success Path...

And Become An UNSTOPPABLE Speaker!

What This Could Mean For Your Business

By the end of this Workshop, you’re going to experience a whole new way of creating a kick-ass signature talk that generates buzz, excitement, unforgettable influence, and gives your audience, viewers, and listeners no choice but to buy from you…

No matter what stage or platform you’re on.

No more trying to figure it out on your own.

No more ‘shooting from the hip.’

No more piecemealing or ‘FrankenSpeaking’ your talk together 🤐.

Once you create your Signature Talk, there are no limits to how quickly you can grow and scale your business. 


This is an extremely exclusive event. Limited spots available. 

Why? Because I want to make absolutely certain that only the right people are in the ‘room’...

People who are committed to doing what it takes to achieve their goals, get their message out to the world, and take their business to new heights.

‘Speak-Sell-Scale LIVE’ takes place Saturday October 14, 2023 @ 10 AM EDT.

One more thing...
There are certain criteria you must meet to get a ‘seat at the table.’ 

These requirements ensure that you and your peers get the most out of the event. 

This is not an event for total beginners who have no established business.   

Here are the criteria:
  • You’re a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, influencer, leader, speaker, or expert
  • Currently making $15k/mo or more in your business
  • Willing to commit to growing and scaling your notoriety, impact, and income with a signature talk customizable for any stage or platform
If this is you, then click below to register for the workshop.
Ready to rock the house like a rockstar with a talk that WOWs and Sells? 

Then register NOW

Let’s do this!

Eli Wilde

Common Questions


Ready To Speak & Sell Like A Rockstar?

Create Your Signature Talk In Record Time

Speak-Sell-Scale LIVE

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